As electricians, we carry a huge responsibility to keep our clients' lights on all day and all year long, to keep them equipped with the best developments and improvements in electrical technology, as well as to help them save on electrical usage, installation and maintenance costs. This is an obligation we enjoy and carry out with pride and joy.

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Here is a look at some of our primary offerings:

Electrical Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

Electrical Installations

We carry out electrical installations from design stage. Most customers already have an existing electrical installation and are simply adding something, a plug (or a few), new lights, a swimming pool, jacuzzi or something like that. Building a new building and making some major changes such as converting from a single phase power supply to a three phase power supply or installations such as adding of an outbuilding or cottage may require prior municipal approval. You may need to consult with us or your architect before engaging in these. We can also assist in these early design processes. Once designs and approvals are out of the way, installation is easy-peasy. We follow design guidelines as drawn on the plan to the dot. This includes paying attention to things such as cable sizes, cable colours, breaker sizes, positioning and configuration. We are happy to come and add that extra plug in the kitchen or next to a new workstation, or to help you if you have just moved into a new office or home and you want a few electrical things added, removed or moved around. Sometimes, clients are ready to demolish everything and start building afresh and they require us to help with electrical termination, and we are able to assist with that as well.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Our experience over the years is that no one wants to be in the dark. No one wants to struggle with plugs tripping and a DB board that makes buzzing sounds. That is what we are really here to assist our clients to deal with. Electrical maintenance is very important because the process of transmitting and using electricity generates heat all the time. It may be in small amounts, but you will see it, every time you touch a live cable you feel some heat. This is because as the electrons in electricity move around the cable, there is friction inside the material of the metal and this friction causes heat. The smaller the cable per same amount of electricity moved, the larger the heat generated. Over time, this heating and its subsequent cooling produces wear and tear, not only on the metals but on the insulation plastic covering and on other materials in the vicinity of the transmission. Most faults arise directly as a result of this, and our job is to find where the fault started and fix it right from the root. Sometimes losse connections develop, things switch themselves on and off, or you see sparks intermittently, and no one likes sparks… because they are a fire hazard. Whatever problem you have, at home or work, let us assist. We are committed to your peace of mind. 

Back-up Power Solutions

Solar, Inverter and UPS Systems - Supply, Repairs and Maintenance

We provide excellent supply, repair and maintenance for solar, inverter and UPS systems. Usually the process kicks off with a consultant and an assessment of power requirements, so that a system can be tailored to the customer’s consumption requirements and patterns. Different brands are usually considered in issuing the proposal so that the customers can consider brands, durability and price in order to make an informed long-term decision. Along with supply, an installation project plan is drawn up and communicated with the customer with a view to minimize down-time. Installation is then carried out, reviewed, signed-off and then handed over. Afterwards support is offered either on a preventative maintenance basis or reactive maintenance basis based on the customer’s preferences, even though we always tell our clients that ‘prevention is better than cure’ so equipment must always be maintained in advance to prolong its useful life and minimize disruptions by detecting problems and ordering parts before the problems actually occur. 

Generator Systems - Supply, Repairs and Maintenance

We provide domestic, commercial and industrial (plant) generator systems. Most of our customers already have a generator or have just procured one. This means that most of our regular work is around installation and maintenance of generator systems. Some customers approach us before purchase and request us to assist them with establishing their generator capacity requirements. In some cases we have a supply and installation mandate. An installation project plan is drawn up and communicated with the customer with a view to minimize down-time. Installation is then carried out, reviewed, signed-off and then handed over. Service support is offered either on a preventative maintenance basis or reactive maintenance basis based on the customer’s preferences, even though we always tell our clients that ‘prevention is better than cure’ so equipment must always be maintained in advance to prolong its useful life and minimize disruptions by detecting problems and ordering parts before the problems actually occur.

Electrical Appliances and Machinery Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Electrical Appliances Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

A lot of electrical appliances such as stoves, ovens, extractor fans, hoods, commercial cooking equipment, some refrigerators, some heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, air-conditioners, etc. are not “plug and play” appliances but require a competent installer to connect and set them up for use. We carry out a lot of these installations for our customers so next time you buy something new, we like the chance to help you set-off. We also assist with repairs and maintenance of stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, ovens, fridges, freezers, coldrooms, freezer rooms, walk-in fridges, walk-in freezers, air conditioners, for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We also advise our clients on the importance of maintenance of appliances in order to extend their life and keep them in the best shape. A lot of the times, this requires a preventative maintenance approach so that faults can be avoided or detected in advance, thereby minimizing the downtime which could arise if faults happen unexpected. Some clients prefer to wait until something breaks down before they call in a service, repair or maintenance contractor, but this often means paying a higher once-off price as there will be a lot of “catch-up” required to get the appliance back to its optimum performance. Whatever your case is, we’d like to help or discuss the options for you and help you to create an efficient monitoring and management system for your appliances going forward.

Electrical Machine Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

A lot of commercial and industrial machines are important, but some are purchase locally. Some machines are installed by the manufacturers, but a lot of the time, clients have to look for and find their own machine installation technicians and electricians. Sometimes, the machine comes pre-assembled, and sometimes the machine needs to be assembled first. We can assist our clients with machine assembly, installation and set-up going by prescribed manufacturer specifications. If you have an electrical machine installation requirement, please let us know and we’d be happy to consult and assist. The process usually starts with assessment and consultation, after which a quotation is issued. After acceptance, a project plan is drawn up in consultation with the client and followed throughout the installation process. Testing, commissioning, sign-off and handover complete the process. We offer service, repairs and maintenance support for electrical machines whether they were installed by us or not. Because the sourcing of parts for commercial and industrial machines can be a long and tedious process, we often recommend that machines be maintained on a preventative maintenance plan, where certain tasks and replacements are pre-scheduled, even before breakdowns occur in order to prevent them from actually happening unprepared and rendering an entire production process grounded until the fault is addressed or parts arrive.

Electric Fence, Electric Gates & Gate Motors Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Electric Fence Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Electric fences are important for security in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria and surrounds. A lot of people put and 6 – 12 strand fence above their normal perimeter wall or fence. This works as a deterrent for intruders who would like to scale over your standard fence. Some people prefer to go for a full height 18 to 36 strand fence reaching height of up to 3.6 or 4m. This provides greater security as it keeps people and animals from reaching the perimeter fence itself. Strength and intensity requirements differ by purpose or function. For example the strength of an electric fence required at a game farm to keep animals from escaping the farm or reserve may differ from the strength required at the perimeter of a house. Similarly, the strength required at the perimeter of an office park or residential estate or complex may differ from the fences used at the perimeter of a single house or unit inside the park or estate. Regardless of what your need is, we would like to hear from you. We can carry out an assessment and provide recommendations of what would be suitable for your and the quotation to go with it. Should you give us the greenlight to do an installation with you, we usually like to prepare a coordinated project plan and work together with you to ensure that we follow the plan and achieve the desired outcomes. We also carry out repairs and maintenance of electric fences. Commonly we find issues to do with broken wire strands, faulty energizers, electric fence not working, loose wire strands and so on.

Electric Gates & Gate Motors Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

We carry out installations of electric gates, both the sliding and swing types. In South Africa, the most common brands of gate motors are Centurion and Hansa. We can assist with both Centurion and Hansa, or any other gate motor installations and repairs. In order for an installation to achieve the desired outcome, the motor size has to be matched with the size of the gate. A gate too large and a motor too small will just result in the motor failing in no time. Because of theft incidences, it is important that all gate motors be secured with anti-theft brackets. We supply and install anti-theft brackets. It is also critical that gates be programmed correctly, putting an adequate time delay between opening and closing, but also making sure that the time delay is not so long that it promotes tail-gating. Electric gate systems must also include anti-shock mechanisms so that the gate does not crash cars and pedestrians as it is attempting to close. Naturally, it must sense that there is something in-between and stop before it touches anything. The gates can be controlled by remote control buttons or approach sensors which trigger auto-open and auto close. Usually, the gates are paired with intercom systems and other security protocols depending on the design of the security system and we can assist with the entire layout. Gates require maintenance usually with wheels, rails, settings, batteries and control boards. Our service extends to cover installations and repairs of other types of gates and barriers such as boomgates, turnstyles and spikes. 

Intercoms, Tag, Swipe & Biometric Access Control, CCTV, Monitoring, Alarm & Recognition Systems Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Intercoms, Tag, Swipe & Biometric Access Control Systems

A lot of people in homes and offices, residential buildings, apartments, complexes and estates rely on intercoms, tags, swipe cards and biometric access control systems to regulate access. Some systems especially in companies are linked to a time and attendance monitoring software and computer, which connects directly to employees’ timesheet which are used for payroll purposes. We can assist with the installation, repairs and maintenance of all these systems, and the subsequent linking to time and attendance monitoring software. Usually, the access control process requires pre-programming of tags and allocation of tags and with unique system tag ID numbers to individuals so that the people who access using the tags can be uniquely identified all the time. We can also assist with electronic and magnetic door locks which are usually controlled by these tagging controls.

CCTV, Monitoring, Alarm & Recognition Systems

CCTV is becoming increasingly common and important in residential, commercial, industrial and public settings. The biggest challenge is picking cameras which produce the right picture quality during both day and night times, and supporting with additional lighting where necessary. It’s also important to make sure that the positioning of the cameras takes into account all possible breach points and leaves no clear blindspots. The cameras should also be tested and moved around to ensure the right focus at the last thing you want is to have CCTV footage where you can’t see anyone from the waist upwards. We follow the same protocol of ensuring all key points are covered when installing alarm systems, security beams and motion sensors. If you would like to have a new installation done or if you are experiencing problems with your current one, let us know.

Home Theatre, TV, Projector, Video Game, Satellite TV, Public Audio, Video and Lighting Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Home Theatre, TV, Projector, Video Game & Satellite TV Systems Installation and Repairs

The most common technical issue is DSTV installations and repairs. Some installations are simple 1 (decoder) to 1 (TV) installation, but we also work on 1 (decoder) to many (TV) installations and well as many (extra view) to many (TV) installations. We also work on communal DSTV systems as well. Since the last few years, DSTV has started receiving competition from OVHD and StarSat, as well as Free to Air decoders. We assist our customers with all the different service providers. With the emergence and growth of digital, new items such as Android TV boxes and enablers have also come into the mix. Additionally, the standard decoders can now be connected to the internet via cable or Wifi in order to increase the customer experience and enable streaming and faster software downloads. Some people require us to mount their TV’s on the walls and neatly conceal the cabling to those TVs. Some users have started opting for projectors instead of television sets in order to get a wider screen feeling, while some people use split screens. The world of entertainment is always advancing with gamers receiving new gaming boxes every few years. We can also connect you home theatre and surround sound system and supply whatever you require us to supply in the process. We can’t wait to join you on your next entertainment system upgrade. If you have a repair issue, just give us a shout as well. We usually attend within 1 to 24 hours of booking log.  

Event & Public Audio, Video, TV, Projector & Lighting Installation and Repairs

Are you hosting an event and you need assistance with setting up the sound, video and lightning? You can arrange with your equipment rental company and book us to come and do the installation, or you can book the entire experience, and we will procure the rental equipment on your behalf. We can also assist with installation, setting up, tuning, repair and maintenance of public address audio and video in large establishments, arenas, stadiums and facilities. This is a tedious exercise which is usually best carried out under a maintenance contract arrangement, even though once-off assignments are not totally inconceivable. The installation usually involve multiple components, which need to be properly mapped, located and connected in order to achieve optimum output and minimize time loss during maintenance and repairs. Often the heights at which some of the equipment is mounted require proper access planning, as lack of access can be a major drawback in the long-term maintenance of this equipment. Another key area is power surge and lightning protection of the equipment as most electronics are sensitive and susceptible to damage. Waterproofing and covering of outdoor equipment is also an area of concern, which always needs to be taken care of as equipment can easily be damaged by water seepage and rust. Whether you are still at the initial planning stages or need maintenance and repairs, we are at your service.

Gadgets, Computer, Software, Network, Connectivity, Telephone & Data Cable Installation, Setup and Repairs

Gadgets, Computer and Software Installation, Setup and Repairs

Technological advancement and the need to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop has pushed us the direction of gadget, computer and software installation, software and repairs. For most people, their gadget has become their new office, entertainment room, filing cabinet, shop and post office, among many other functions. This places gadgets very highly in the priority rakings for our clients. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, server, tablet, mobile phone, accessories or peripherals, clients can hardly do without their gadgets for a long time. If the phone screen cracks, or the phone or laptop falls in water and can’t switch on, it can mean ‘a disaster of the century’ for some. We have tried to bridge the gap through our efficient collect-repair-and-drop service, which usually has a 12 to 48 hour turnaround time. We also do call outs for select issues and work on all brands. If you have an issue with your computer or gadget, please reach out and we’ll help. 

Network, Connectivity, Telephone & Data Cable Installation, Setup and Repairs

A few years ago, people could survive with unnetworked devices. You could even use your computer for the whole day without going on the internet, but that has all changed. Internal networks or intranets used to be the biggest thing in the workplace IT space, but that had all changed with everything migrating to the world wide web and cloud. We assist our clients with network infrastructure, network design, installation and repairs. It may be a small issue like failing to connect or something to do with passwords, firewalls and network security, you can speak to us and we can help. Because networks are so integral to business and the normal functions of today, we try and ensure minimum turnaround time and remote assistance where possible using tools such as Team Viewer, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype. We would like to be your all round service provider, so be sure to check out the other array of services which we have put together for you.

A Few Reasons To Choose Us

  • We offer a wide range of electrical and technical services
  • We have a fast response time
  • We have many technicians specializing in different areas
  • We also have different levels of skill to cater for the varying needs of our clients and the different complexities of Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Work
  • We have a strict recruitment policy
  • We perform in-house training
  • We solve problems for our clients
  • We always look for ways to improve
  • We are friendly and take time to understand customer needs
  • We try our best to solve problems completely
  • We have a great passion for our work, our staff and our clients
  • We service all areas in Gauteng with the same dignity
  • We treat all clients and all jobs with respect

We have both cultural and skills diversity. We aim to give our clients an all-around experience where they can contact us for any of their technical problems. We continuously look for ways to extend our offering with related services. We employ and work with people from all races and walks of life. We pursue excellence in both service and technical works. We are always available and can assist you even after hours or on holidays. Our mission is to create a diversified technical services company which makes a difference in the marketplace by continuously developing workmanship and customer service excellence, improving human skills, harnessing new technology and offering a wide range of technical services for public convenience.

We Can Also Assist You With The Following Related Services:


Building // Construction


Handyman Services



Roofing & Waterproofing



Aluminium & Glass

Dry-Wall Partitioning


We Work All Over Gauteng, But Do Projects All Over South Africa.

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