Electrical Services

Installations | Maintenance | Repair | Compliance | Upgrades

Our electricians provide prompt and competent services to households, businesses and industries. We attend to faults, both complex and basic, and are able to restore normal functionality in good time. We also perform new installations for our clients, who are upgrading or building new infrastructure, and provide routine maintenance when mandated to do so. Sometimes we are called to infer into problems such as unusually high electricity bills and to come up with recommendations and solutions. We also perform inspections and repairs for electrical compliance and issue COCs. All our work carries a long-term guarantee hence we maintain good relations with reliable electrical component manufacturers and retailers.

Electronic Security

Electronic Security | Automated Access Control

Our electronic security and access control team specialises on electronic gates, garage doors, roller doors, boom gates, automated doors, turnstiles, electric fencing, CCTV, alarms, intercoms, access control systems hardware and software. No matter what need you have, you can run it by us and we can tailor-make the right solutions for you. We perform detailed studies to understand the customer’s routines and environmental parameters so that we can be able to prescribe the right solutions for each client. Sometimes the client already knows the solution that they want, or already has one in place and our role is to install or repair to the provided (original) specifications. We also do logging/recording systems to enhance monitoring and oversight.

Entertainment Systems

We can assist you with new satellite dish installations, re-alignments, loss of signal, dish transfer to another location, TV mounting, speaker mounting, surround sound systems, aerials, tuning, HDMI connections, cabling, multi-TV systems, communal entertainment systems and networking. We also sell installation hardware and infrastructure to increase convenience to our customers. We also work after hours, on weekends and on holidays. Contact us NOW and we’ll see what solution works best for you. We focus to a great extent on ensuring neat presentation when doing installations and cabling as we believe that our layouts largely affect the image of our clients and their environment.

Refrigeration, HVAC & Appliance Services

We have a mobile on-site services team which responds to enquiries the same day that they are logged. Our service is prompt and we work around the clock to keep our clients all over Gauteng catered for. We Install, Repair, Maintain and Service all types of Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Refrigeration, Cooking, Washing and Airconditioning Equipment. We work on Fridges, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Coldrooms, Freezer Rooms, Ice Machines, Chillers, Catering Equipment, Air-conditioners, etc. We maintain regular working relationships with most major brands including Defy, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Kelvinator, AEG, KIC, York, Siemens, Electrolux, Bosch, Daikin, Miele, Fridgemaster, Carrier, etc.


We offer a wide range of electrical and technical services
We have a fast response time
We have many technicians specialising in different areas. We also have different levels of skill to cater for the varying needs of our clients and the different complexities of Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Work
We have a strict recruitment policy
We perform in-house training
We solve problems for our clients
We always look for ways to improve
We are friendly and take time to understand customer needs
We try our best to solve problems completely
We have a great passion for our work, our staff and our clients
We service all areas in Gauteng with the same dignity
We treat all clients and all jobs with respect

Why Choose Us?

We have both cultural and skills diversity. We aim to give our clients an all-around experience where they can contact us for any of their technical problems. We continuously look for ways to extend our offering with related services. We employ and work with people from all races and walks of life. We pursue excellence in both service and technical works. We are always available and can assist you even after hours or on holidays. Our mission is to create a diversified technical services company which makes a difference in the marketplace by continuously developing workmanship and customer service excellence, improving human skills, harnessing new technology and offering a wide range of technical services for public convenience.