We offer a 24 Hour service for for emergencies but generally book and attend to all new work requests same day or the next. Future bookings are also welcome.

  1. Residential Service

No matter how large or small your home may be, 911 Electricians offers the satisfactory and innovative standard of electrical work you need. Our team has worked with homeowners for ages performing all types of installations, troubleshooting, fault finding, repairs and system upgrades. We also excel in knowledge and choice of lighting, distribution boards, back-up power, plugs, modifications and more.

Contact us and learn about how we can assist you with major and minor repairs and installations, including the following types of issues: 

Tripping plugs  – Tripping mains – No Power – Lights – Chandeliers – Troubleshooting – New Plugs and Sockets – Jacuzzi Wiring – Water Features – Fan installations – Surge Protection – Gate Motors – Electric Fencing – Geyser Faults – Pool Pumps – Gate Motors and COCs

2. Commercial and Industrial Service

911 Electricians can ensure that your business or factory has the most up-to-date electrical wiring and installations for your needs. We will help your business grow by satisfying your needs for a variety of commercial spaces, including office buildings, rental property, stores and much more.

We are there to make sure your electrical problems don’t lead to loss of money for your business, so we move with speed to fix your problems quickly to keep you in business. 911 Electricians is proud to work with a wide variety of customers, including Manufacturers, Retailers and Corporates.

Most of our work involves :

Lights – Plugs and Wiring – Office Electricity Circuits – Machine connections – Phase balancing – Service Upgrades – Fixtures and Ballasts – Distribution Boards – Temporary Power – Back-up Power

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