DSTV Setup & Repairs

Our function is to provide the technical support for all digital satellite and ordinary television viewing. We work hand in hand with Multichoice and other broadcasters to ensure the best television viewing and sound is channeled into your homes and offices.

Our Services include:

TV-DSTV-Audio/Home Theatre/Surround System sound connections
New Installations – Standard
New Installations – HDPVR
Signal Problem corrections
SABC and MNET Aerial Installations and faults
Dish re-alignment/re-location
Additional points/bedroom connections

Important Information – Understanding DSTV today – Get Connected

High Definition Television (HDTV)
Generally refers to TV with at least twice the vertical and horizontal picture resolution of current digital and analogue TV systems. This makes the picture at least four times as detailed and in 16:9 formats.

HD PVR Decoder
The introduction of PVR revolutionized the television viewing experience and the way we watch television.
The DStv PVR Decoder is a Personal Video Recorder and decoder in one. With your DStv PVR decoder you will be able to take control of your television.

Some of the exciting features of the DStv Explora include:

 Record 80 hours of TV Programming
• Pause live TV
• Watch two channels and record a third channel at the same time
• Rewind programming
• Fast forward and slow-mo programming you have recorded

Standard Decoder

The standard DStv decoder is your gateway to a world of viewing pleasure. With this device you’ll have access to a variety world class television and audio channels in an assortment of bouquets that suite every family and individual taste.

Although a seemingly uncomplicated piece of equipment this decoder contains the advanced hardware and software technology necessary to receive and decrypt information beamed from satellites above the continent. Without it you will never realise your television’s true potential.